Spring Sprig Bag

How are you?

I know how difficult our situation is! I myself have been in a roller coaster of emotions. Some days, I feel great but other days I feel like a blah, if you know what I mean. I’ve been feeling unmotivated to work on my projects but thankfully I managed to finish some commitments — a few of pattern testing! I am also working on a couple collaborations.

I hope that you too are hanging in there safely! We’ve got this! We’re in this all together!

Today, I have a great news! I will be a guest designer on Joy of Motion Crochet and I am so excited about it! It is my very first guest on her blog. I’ll be sharing a bag pattern which I named the Spring Sprig Bag. You can check out Joy of Motion Crochet – Free Crochet Patterns for all the details of this pattern.

You may also pin it here for later use.

You can purchase the Spring Sprig Bag pattern in my Ravelry shop. Purchasing the PDF file helps to support my blog and allows me to continue to share my patterns with you.

Happy crocheting!

I would love to see what you create! Please use these hashtags to share:  #stringsandcuddles, #stringsandcuddlesdesigns, #springsprigbag

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for questions regarding this pattern.

Stay safe and healthy!

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