The Heart of Love Pillow

Surprise!!! I was so fortunate to be chosen as a guest blogger/designer over at my friend, Elisabeth's blog, Desamourdesigns. With this feature, I decided to design a crocheted pillow, using intarsia and/or tapestry crochet technique. And since it's February, the Month of Love, this design should include a heart or anything in red, right? So,… Continue reading The Heart of Love Pillow

Crochet Patterns


Creativity is intelligence having fun. <Albert Einstein> Hi friends! How are you all doing? How's your 2020 so far? We are so blessed to have survived the 10 days of this year. It's been quite busy here with life and everything but we are so excited for all the things the this new year, new… Continue reading THE WINTER BREAK PATTERNS (part 1)

Crochet Patterns


Sometime this year, I started buying some crochet "stitches" books. You may ask why when in fact nowadays, you can find a lot online? Well, I just love holding a book and flipping the pages and write notes or fold the corner of a page. Old school? Yes, it is! Haha! Anyway, the reason I… Continue reading THE BROADWAY COWL

Crochet Patterns


Hi loves! It's the first day of November! Already?! I know right? It seems like time is really flying by so fast and my to-do list are just adding up so quickly... hmmmm! I need to do something about it! Sometimes, when life happens, you can't really do anything about it! It is important though… Continue reading HONEYCOMB TUNISIAN HANDBAG

Crochet Patterns


Sweater weather is finally here! This also means that it's time for beanies! Let me introduce you to my new pattern called The Isa Beanie! You may be wondering where I got such name. I always have a hard time naming patterns, but this one came out so easily. Well, let me tell you something!… Continue reading THE ISA BEANIE