The Heart of Love Pillow


I was so fortunate to be chosen as a guest blogger/designer over at my friend, Elisabeth’s blog, Desamourdesigns. With this feature, I decided to design a crocheted pillow, using intarsia and/or tapestry crochet technique. And since it’s February, the Month of Love, this design should include a heart or anything in red, right?

So, if you’re looking for anything to crochet for Valentine’s day, you may want to make this pillow. You can go ahead and visit my friend’s blog for all the details you need to know in making The Heart of Love Pillow.

This pattern is free in her blog but you can purchase the inexpensive PDF file (with a chart) on my RAVELRY shop for easy printing and reading.  Purchasing the PDF file helps to support my blog and allows me to continue to share my patterns with you. 

I also would like to acknowledge my two awesome testers for all the help they gave me in making this pattern a better one! These ladies, Stefanie Budnik and Carrie Ferrier, are amazing! Just look at their beautiful finished pillows below!

The photos above are from Stefanie Budnik and the photos below are from Carrie Ferrier. Stefanie used the same yarns like mine and on the other hand, Carrie used a different brand and colors. Both came out pretty awesome, do you agree?

More photos from me.

Hope that you like this pattern and I’m looking forward to seeing your versions! Don’t forget to use the hashtags for this pattern and tag me @stringsandcuddles when sharing your pillows!


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