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It is officially Fall and I am back, my friends!

Yes! After a long break, I can absolutely say that I am here again to share some new patterns I have been working on. These projects were put aside because of the new addition to our family. I gave birth to our second child last summer and things got a little complicated for me to continue crocheting and designing. Taking things slowly but surely, we are going back to our feet again! I am now able to play with my yarns and hooks and start designing. So, stay in the loop for all the new items that I will be sharing with you all.

In the meantime, here is my newest pattern, THE SNUGGLE IS REAL BLANKET, modeled by my baby! This blanket was finished before she was even born. I planned on releasing it before or just after her arrival but some other things came up. I thought that releasing this pattern in the Fall season rather than in summer works out much better. It’s the cuddle season anyway!

I am so grateful for Hobbii for providing the yarns I used to create this blanket. I chose to work with their World of Yarn Malaga and Malaga Color Packs. Malaga is a premium worsted weight acrylic that is balled up in what they call pullskein. I love the pullskein because you can easily find the beginning of the yarn from the center of the skein and work from within. The pullskein prevents from rolling on the floor and saves your time from chasing your ball of yarn, haha!

World of Yarn
Malaga – Natural White (02)

Malaga is a soft acrylic, great to crochet with and doesn’t split. It is also soft to the touch for an acrylic yarn. It has a wide range of beautiful colors. I highly recommend trying out this yarn, not because I got mine for free but because it is absolutely one of the great acrylic yarns out there.

World of Yarn
Malaga Color Packs – Malaga Color Bag 06

Now, let us talk about THE SNUGGLE IS REAL BLANKET pattern. This quote, “the snuggle is real” came from my baby’s onesie and I thought it’s so cute and just so timely because I was pregnant that time. I know for sure that I (my baby) will be needing a blanket so I took my graph notebook and started designing it. Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration on the how to design the letters.

THE SNUGGLE IS REAL BLANKET is a corner to corner (C2C) pattern. This method works up very fast, but it eats a lot of yarn (yard-wise). I used natural white for my main color and different colors for each word. If you are not familiar with C2C stitch pattern and how to change colors, there are SO many crocheters on You-Tube that share their videos how to do these techniques.

Side note: You-Tube is my go-to site on “How-to” stuff.


This pattern is FREE here but you can also purchase the inexpensive PDF (with a chart version) on my Ravelry shop for easy printing and reading.  Purchasing the PDF helps to support my blog and allows me to continue to share my patterns with you.

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SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate


  • Worsted Weight (#4) Yarn. I used HOBBII Malaga Yarn in Natural White (02) – 1930 yards and Malaga Color Packs (Pack 06) [Red – 115 yards, Yellow – 60 yards, Green – 40 yards, Blue – 120 yards, and Purple – 50 yards]
  • Crochet Hook Size H – 5 mm (or size to obtain gauge)
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Tapestry Needle

GAUGE: In pattern, 6 rows = 4 inches (10cm) – measured horizontally/vertically from the beginning corner



  • Ch(s) – Chain(s)
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • Prev – Previous
  • Rep – Repeat
  • RS – Right Side
  • Sl st(s) – Slip Stitch(es)
  • Sp – Space
  • WS – Wrong Side


  1. Read the pattern carefully before starting.
  2. This blanket is worked diagonally from corner to corner (starting from the bottom right of the chart).
  3. One square represents one color. For example, W10 means, you have to work with White yarn in 10 squares.
  4. Note that each row will increase by 1 square – row 1 = 1 square, row 2 = 2 squares, … until you stop increasing each row or you reach the corner of the blanket.
  5. I recommend winding small balls of the colors to be used, one for each separate area of color in the design.
  6. To change color, work to last loops on the hook of the previous color. Yarn over hook with new color, draw through remaining loops, and proceed with a new color.



Row 1 (RS): Ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 chs. Turn. (1 square made)

Row 2 (WS): Ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 chs, (sl st, ch 3, 3 DC) in ch-3 sp of prev row. Turn.  (2 squares made)

Row 3: Ch 6, DC in 4th ch from hook, DC in next 2 chs, *(sl st, ch 3, 3 DC) in next ch-3-sp of prev row; rep from * twice. Turn. (3 squares made)

Continue in this manner, increasing 1 square on each row until there are 66 squares across or until you reach the CORNER of the blanket.

Once you have completed row before the CORNER, it’s time to decrease!


Row 67: Sl st across first 3 dc, *(sl st, ch 3, 3 DC) in next ch-3-sp of prev row; rep from * to last ch-3-sp; sl st in last ch-3-sp. Turn, do NOT make a block in last space. (65 squares made)

Repeat Row 67 for decreasing block pattern.

Fasten off.  Weave in all ends.

You may purchase THE SNUGGLE IS REAL BLANKET chart/graph on my Ravelry shop.



W: White                          R: Red                                Y: Yellow
G: Green                           B: Blue                               P: Purple
Row 1 [RS]:
W1 (1 square)
Row 2 [WS]: W2 (2 squares)
Row 3 [RS]: W3 (3 squares)
Row 4 [WS]: W4 (4 squares)
Row 5 [RS]: W5 (5 squares)
Row 6 [WS]: W6 (6 squares)
Row 7 [RS]: W7 (7 squares)
Row 8 [WS]: W8 (8 squares)
Row 9 [RS]: W9 (9 squares)
Row 10 [WS]: W10 (10 squares)
Row 11 [RS]: W11 (11 squares)
Row 12 [WS]: W12 (12 squares)
Row 13 [RS]: W13 (13 squares)  
Row 14 [WS]: W14 (14 squares)
Row 15 [RS]: W15 (15 squares)
Row 16 [WS]: W16 (16 squares)
Row 17 [RS]: W17 (17 squares)
Row 18 [WS]: W18 (18 squares)
Row 19 [RS]: W19 (19 squares)
Row 20 [WS]: W20 (20 squares)
Row 21 [RS]: W9, R7, W5 (21 squares)
Row 22 [WS]: W6, R7, W9 (22 squares)
Row 23 [RS]: W9, R8, W6 (23 squares)
Row 24 [WS]: W7, R7, W10 (24 squares)

Row 25 [RS]: W10, R8, W7 (25 squares)
Row 26 [WS]: W8, R7, W11 (26 squares)
Row 27 [RS]: W11, R8, W8 (27 squares)
Row 28 [WS]: W9, R7, W12 (28 squares)
Row 29 [RS]: W12, R8, W9 (29 squares)
Row 30 [WS]: W10, R4, W16 (30 squares)
Row 31 [RS]: W16, R5, W10 (31 squares)
Row 32 [WS]: W11, R4, W17 (32 squares)
Row 33 [RS]: W17, R5, W11 (33 squares)
Row 34 [WS]: W12, R4, W18 (34 squares)
Row 35 [RS]: W18, R4, W13 (35 squares)
Row 36 [WS]: W36 (36 squares)
Row 37 [RS]: W37 (37 squares)
Row 38 [WS]: W38 (38 squares)
Row 39 [RS]: W31, Y3, W5 (39 squares)
Row 40 [WS]: W5, Y2, W33 (40 squares)
Row 41 [RS]: W33, Y2, W6 (41 squares)
Row 42 [WS]: W7, Y2, W33 (42 squares)
Row 43 [RS]: W33, Y5, W5 (43 squares)
Row 44 [WS]: W6, Y1, W2, Y2, W26, B2, W5 (44 squares)
Row 45 [RS]: W7, B1, W25, Y2, W2, Y2, W6 (45 squares)
Row 46 [WS]: W7, Y2, W2, Y2, W24, B1, W8 (46 squares)
Row 47 [RS]: W5, B3, W1, B1, W23, Y2, W2, Y5, W5 (47 squares)
Row 48 [WS]: W5, Y1, W3, Y2, W2, Y2, W22, B1, W1, B1, W1, B1, W6 (48 squares)
Row 49 [RS]: W6, B1, W2, B2, W27, Y1, W3, Y1, W6 (49 squares)
Row 50 [WS]: W6, Y2, W2, Y1, W27, B2, W2, B1, W7 (50 squares)
Row 51 [RS]: W8, B1, W1, B2, W28, Y1, W1, Y2, W7 (51 squares)
Row 52 [WS]: W5, Y2, W1, Y3, W28, B4, W9 (52 squares)
Row 53 [RS]: W13, B3, W2, B3, W26, Y1, W5 (53 squares)
Row 54 [WS]: W5, Y1, W26, B1, W1, B2, W1, B2, W15 (54 squares)
Row 55 [RS]: W15, B2, W1, B2, W2, B1, W22, Y3, W1, Y1, W5 (55 squares)
Row 56 [WS]: W5, Y1, W1, Y1, W1, Y1, W22, B1, W3, B2, W1, B2, W15 (56 squares)
Row 57 [RS]: W15, B2, W1, B2, W3, B1, W22, Y1, W2, Y2, W6 (57 squares)
Row 58 [WS]: W6, Y2, W2, Y1, W22, B1, W4, B2, W1, B2, W15 (58 squares)
Row 59 [RS]: W15, B2, W1, B2, W4, B1, W23, Y1, W1, Y2, W7 (59 squares)
Row 60 [WS]: W7, Y4, W8, R5, W10, B2, W1, B5, W1, B2, W15 (60 squares)
Row 61 [RS]: W15, B2, W1, B2, W3, B1, W12, R5, W20 (61 squares)
Row 62 [WS]: W20, R6, W6, B3, W3, B1, W3, B1, W2, B2, W15 (62 squares)
Row 63 [RS]: W20, B1, W2, B2, W2, B2, W1, B1, W6, R5, W21 (63 squares)
Row 64 [WS]: W5, Y1, W4, Y1, W10, R6, W5, B1, W2, B2, W2, B2, W1, B1, W21 (64 squares)
Row 65 [RS]: W22, B3, W2, B2, W3, B1, W5, R5, W11, Y1, W3, Y2, W5 (65 squares)
Row 66 [WS]: W6, Y5, W11, R6, W5, B1, W3, B2, W27 (66 squares)


Row 67 [RS]:
W26, B2, W4, B1, W7, R3, W14, Y2, W6 (65 squares)
Row 68 [WS]: W6, Y2, W13, R4, W7, B1, W4, B2, W25 (64 squares)
Row 69 [RS]: W24, B5, W1, B2, W7, R3, W13, Y2, W6 (63 squares)
Row 70 [WS]: W5, Y2, W8, G2, W4, R3,  W9, B1, W3, B2, W23 (62 squares)
Row 71 [RS]: W23, B1, W3, B1, W17, G2, W14 (61 squares)
Row 72 [WS]: W13, G1, W1, G1, W16, B2, W2, B1, W8, R6, W9 (60 squares)
Row 73 [RS]: W8, R6, W9, B1, W1, B2, W15, G1, W1, G1, W1, G1, W12 (59 squares)
Row 74 [WS]: W11, G1, W1, G1, W15, B6, W9, R7, W7 (58 squares)
Row 75 [RS]: W7, R6, W14, B1, W13, G1, W1, G1, W13 (57 squares)
Row 76 [WS]: W10, G1, W1, G1, W1, G1, W13, B2, W13, R7, W6 (56 squares)
Row 77 [RS]: W6, R6, W13, B2, W14, G1, W1, G1, W11 ( 55 squares)
Row 78 [WS]: W7, G3, W1, G2, W12, B5, W12, R7, W5 (54 squares)
Row 79 [RS]: W8, R3, W12, B2, W3, B1, W12, G2, W2, G2, W6 (53 squares)
Row 80 [WS]: W6, G2, W16, B1, W3, B1, W12, R4, W7 (52 squares)
Row 81 [RS]: W7, R3, W16, B2, W15, G2, W6 (51 squares)
Row 82 [WS]: W6, G2, W15, B2, W15, R4, W6 (50 squares)
Row 83 [RS]: W6, R3, W15, B2, W1, B2, W12, G2, W6 (49 squares)
Row 84 [WS]: W5, G2, W12, B2, W2, B2, W15, R3, W5 (48 squares)
Row 85 [RS]: W23, B2, W1, B2, W19 (47 squares)  
Row 86 [WS]: W6, G2, W11, B2, W25 (46 squares)
Row 87 [RS]: W24, B2, W19 (45 squares)
Row 88 [WS]: W15, B1, W3, B1, W24 (44 squares)
Row 89 [RS]: W23, B1, W3, B2, W14 (43 squares)
Row 90 [WS]: W14, B5, W8, P2, W13 (42 squares)
Row 91 [RS]: W14, P1, W10, B2, W14 (41 squares)
Row 92 [WS]: W14, B2, W9, P1, W14 (40 squares)
Row 93 [RS]: W10, P3, W1, P1, W8, B6, W10 (39 squares)
Row 94 [WS]: W9, B2, W12, P1, W1, P1, W1, P1, W10 (38 squares)
Row 95 [RS]: W9, P1, W2, P2, W12, B1, W1, B1, W8 (37 squares)
Row 96 [WS]: W7, B1, W1, B1, W1, B1, W10, P2, W2, P1, W9 (36 squares)
Row 97 [RS]: W9, P1, W1, P2, W13, B1, W1, B1, W6 (35 squares)
Row 98 [WS]: W8, B1, W1, B1, W10, P4, W9 (34 squares)
Row 99 [RS]: W12, P3, W8, B1, W1, B1, W1, B1, W5 (33 squares)
Row 100 [WS]: W6, B1, W1, B1, W8, P2, W13 (32 squares)
Row 101 [RS]: W12, P2, W9, B2, W6 (31 squares)
Row 102 [WS]: W5, B2, W10, P2, W11 (30 squares)
Row 103 [RS]: W10, P2, W17 (29 squares)
Row 104 [WS]: W13, P1, W3, P1, W10 (28 squares)
Row 105 [RS]: W9, P1, W3, P2, W12 (27 squares)
Row 106 [WS]: W12, P5, W9 (26 squares)
Row 107 [RS]: W11, P2, W12 (25 squares)
Row 108 [WS]: W9, P5, W10 (24 squares)
Row 109 [RS]: W9, P2, W3, P1, W8 (23 squares)
Row 110 [WS]: W7, P1, W4, P2, W8 (22 squares)
Row 111 [RS]: W7, P2, W4, P1, W7 (21 squares)
Row 112 [WS]: W6, P2, W1, P1, W2, P2, W6 (20 squares)
Row 113 [RS]: W5, P2, W3, P3, W6 (19 squares)
Row 114 [WS]: W6, P2, W10 (18 squares)
Row 115 [RS]: W9, P2, W6 (17 squares)
Row 116 [WS]: W5, P3, W8 (16 squares)
Row 117 [RS]: W15 (15 squares)
Row 118 [WS]: W14 (14 squares)
Row 119 [RS]: W13 (13 squares)
Row 121 [RS]: W11 (11 squares)
Row 122 [WS]: W10 (10 squares)
Row 123 [RS]: W9 (9 squares)
Row 124 [WS]: W8 (8 squares)
Row 125 [RS]: W7 (7 squares)
Row 126 [WS]: W6 (6 squares)
Row 127 [RS]: W5 (5 squares)
Row 128 [WS]: W4 (4 squares)
Row 129 [RS]: W3 (3 squares)
Row 130 [WS]: W2 (2 squares)
Row 131 [RS]: W1 (1 square)

(Optional) You may add your preferred border stitch.

Fasten off. Weave in all ends.

You’re all done! Hope you enjoy and love your new shawl!

To download the PDF copy of THE SNUGGLE IS REAL BLANKET and my other patterns, please visit my Ravelry shop.

Now, time to check out the beautiful versions of my amazing testers!

I would love to see your wrap! Please tag me @stringsandcuddles and use these hashtags, #stringsandcuddles #stringsandcuddlesdesigns, and #TheSnuggleisRealBlanket so I could see and share it too!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for questions regarding this pattern.

As always, stay safe and happy crocheting!



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